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Vintage Guitars

Vintage Electric Guitars

Another brand offering excellent instruments at a very reasonable price are the Vintage range of guitars. Vintage produce a collection of ‘homage’ guitars in the popular Gibson & Fender styles with excellent standards of finish and quality Wilkinson hardware & electronics suitable for both new players and more experienced musicians alike. Moran Sound have a selection of different models for you to try in our Gateacre showroom.

Vintage Guitars
Vintage Guitars

The Vintage name falls under the JHS agency of instruments and provides guitars of iconic design but with modern standards of fit and finish.

The range includes ‘LP’ and ‘SG’ style guitars which, while clearly paying homage to the originals, have a style that is unique to the brand.

These instruments are another great alternative for the cost-conscious guitarist to consider and boast the hardware to give you a lot of ‘bang for your buck’!