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Moran Sound offer a vast range of top-quality electric guitars and basses to suit all abilities and budgets - simply call in to our Gateacre showroom and we will help find the guitar that’s perfect for you.

We will, of course, match the prices offered by the major UK online retailers for outright sales without part-exchange.

Electric Guitars & Basses

In addition to the top quality instruments from the manufacturers shown above, Moran Sound also stock a vast range of new and pre-loved electric guitars & basses from many other well-known makers - just contact us with your requirements and we will do our best to help.

Fender Guitars

Fender Electric Guitars & Basses

Probably the best known manufacturer of electric guitars in the world, Fender have been producing outstanding instruments since 1946 and feature the ground-breaking Telecaster, Stratocaster & Precision models among their range. Moran Sound has a vast selection of Fender instruments to suit all abilities & budgets, including some of the finest guitars from the USA factory in Corona, California. Don’t miss the opportunity to try some of these instantly recognisable guitars.

Fender Guitars

Peavey Electric Basses

To accompany our new range of Peavey amplifiers we are now stocking Peavey bass guitars at very reasonable price points. These are great quality instruments available in a variety of colours and offer a real alternative to other budget brands. Why not call in to Moran Sound and try them for yourself?

Peavey Basses

Squier Electric Guitars

Since 1982, Fender have been manufacturing lower priced versions of their iconic guitars under the Squier brand name. These instruments have long been favoured as a budget friendly entry point for many new or young musicians, and at Moran Sound we have a range of Squier guitars and basses for the cost-conscious player to choose from.

Vintage Electric Guitars

Another brand offering excellent instruments at a very reasonable price are the Vintage range of guitars. Vintage produce a collection of ‘homage’ guitars in the popular Gibson & Fender styles with excellent standards of finish and quality Wilkinson hardware & electronics suitable for both new players and more experienced musicians alike. Moran Sound have a selection of different models for you to try in our Gateacre showroom.

Vintage Guitars
Vintage Guitars

Gretsch Electric Guitars

Founded in 1883, Gretsch is another name that epitomises the proud history of American guitar innovation. Now manufactured worldwide, these classic instruments have an almost cult appeal to their many fans and offer a different experience to players accustomed to the more mainstream guitars in today’s market. Moran Sound have a small legacy stock of some popular models from the range, so call into our Gateacre showroom and have a look.

Rickenbacker Electric Guitars & Basses

Moran Sound are immensely proud to offer these iconic American instruments to our customers. Since 1931, the Rickenbacker brand has been synonymous with some of the world’s greatest musicians from John Lennon & Roger McGuinn to Johnny Marr & Lemmy Kilmister. We are constantly updating our stock of these beautiful guitars & basses so please call into our Gateacre showroom and see them for yourself.

Rickenbacker Guitars & Basses