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Mapex have earned a distinguished reputation for designing, engineering and building the highest quality acoustic drums. Moran Sound are now proud to be main agents for the exciting Mapex range and we are able to offer these outstanding kits at prices that will astonish you. Shown here are some examples of the current kits available, including exciting Moran Sound special offers, but please feel free to contact us to discuss your own specific requirements and remember, when no part-exchange is involved, we will match the major UK online retailers’ prices.

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Our Price £329.00 boxed


£359.00 assembled

Featuring a 14x5.5 snare, 10x8 and 12x9 shallow, easy tune rack toms and a focused 16x14 floor tom, this kit is finished with either a 20x16 or 22x16 kick that stands it's ground in any live situation. Complimented with a full set of 200 series double braced hardware, the kit is designed to stand you in good stead as a busy musician. What's more, each Tornado kit is supplied with a two piece cymbal set, hi-hat & crash/ride to ensure it can be played straight out of the box. Available in either black or burgundy durable wrap finishes.

Mapex Tornado Rock Fusion Kit

Our Price £599.00 boxed


£629.00 assembled

The Mapex Horizon II is a fabulous starter and intermediate drum kit. Having a highly durable, stunning wrap finish that's designed to see the kit through time, rigorous practice and gigging. Featuring a 14x5.5 snare, 10x7 and 12x8  rack toms, a 16x14 floor tom and either a 20x16 or 22x16 kick. The kit comes with a 531 series hardware set comprising two cymbal Stands, hi-hat stand, snare stand and single pedal. Setup is completed with a quality Paiste cymbal set of hi-hat, crash/ride cymbals. Available in either steel metallic or red finishes.

Mapex Horizon 2 Rock Fusion Kit with Paiste Cymbals

Our Price £645.00 boxed


£670.00 assembled

The Mars Series Shell Pack offers 100% 6-ply birch, shallow depth shells with the new SONIClear bearing edge, producing a fast, clear tone with a quick rebound. The Mars Series Rock Shell Pack features sizes that can span a wide range of playing styles. This configuration of 22x18 kick, 10x7 & 12x8 rack toms, 16x14 floor tom and 14x6.5 snare offers a blend of power and versatility well-suited for the drummer needing a portable, great sounding kit. Available in either bone-wood with black hardware or blood-wood with chrome hardware finishes.

Moran Sound can complete this kit with whatever cymbal combination you require from either the Mapex range or our top quality Paiste collection.

Mapex Mars 5-Piece Rock Drum Set

Moran Sound are main agents for Mapex drums so we can match any major UK online retailer’s prices. We can also offer some of the most competitively priced delivery and setup services to get your kit ready to play in double quick time!

We are also official agents for Evans Drumheads and Vic Firth Accessories as well as a range of electronic drum kits - just call us with your own requirements and we will pull out all the stops to get you a great deal.

We hold a massive selection of Mapex and Paiste cymbals for you to complete or enhance your kit. Just phone us with your requirements or come along to our showroom and browse through our stock.

We have individual cymbals for specific applications as well as superb value cymbal packs with free extras.

If we don’t happen to have what you need in stock we can usually obtain it for you very quickly.